What we offer


Translations are done in a range of languages. Having translated everything from interview transcripts to entire websites, we produce copy that is accurate, articulate and with the right tone of voice.

Content creation

Original or tweaked content, such as daily blog posts, website content, promotion materials, advertisements and much more. Wherever clever, original content is needed YDF can create it, on time and within budget.

SEO writing

We offer SEO content that actually reads well. YDF Marketing writes up entire websites, for business or consumer audiences. We can also update Wordpress sites, adding SEO inputs such as keywords or page descriptions.

Social media management

Advertising campaigns are created and managed using Google, Facebook and other social media channels. Regular posts are added on forums such as Pinterest, Polyvore, Tumblr and Facebook.

Proof reading

Proofing of text is undertaken in native English, Dutch, French and Russian. YDF Marketing can transform your copy, ensuring it is grammatically correct, free from errors and is pleasant to read.

Our work

YDF Marketing has written, translated and strategised for individuals and organisations worldwide. We deliver a very competitively priced range of services. Whether it’s tweaking content or building strategy, we have the skills you need to get your message across - and we do it in a cost effective way.

Original content is created for this global online recruiter that sources international talent for blue chip multinationals. YDF provides SEO writing services, creating job and company profiles for global organisations. A strict focus on UK style English is provided, alongside graded keywords and text designed to motivate potential candidates.

Formed by an international collaboration, and based in Amsterdam, this organisation discusses important environmental issues and reviews green products. YDF contributed various articles, product reviews, dictionary terms and other content as required. Interview transcripts were also partially translated and put into an easily readable format.

This is an international digital agency with a range of global clients. It also specialises in fashion and retail. YDF Marketing regularly creates website and advertising copy for online campaigns and assists with promotions for both clients and for the company itself. Copy styles and formats must vary to suit the needs of clients in these dynamic sectors.

This online advertising platform uses YDF Marketing to deliver original website copy that truly works. YDF Marketing also handles the translation of various forms of ad copy for the company and for its various clients. SEO writing and online advertising services are also provided using the various social media channels.

For this international affiliate network that is based in Dublin, YDF Marketing creates press releases, updates website copy and writes up biographies of the team. Proof reading of articles and other content is also carried out and text is adapted to the market that it is targeting. Content is also created in line with requirements of various clients.

This Dutch cargo company is based in Rotterdam and is the Netherland’s top player in its sector of international transport. YDF translated the entire website from Dutch to English via Wordpress. SEO optimisation was also completed for every page of the website, in both English and Dutch. A strong English text allows for improved exposure to an international audience.

For this Dutch boat sales website, that is focussed on specific boat types, YDF updates all product specifications. This is done for hundreds of boats for sale and for various vendors. SEO is also handled for the site, bringing it to a high ranking on Google and securing increased exposure month on month. Advertising copy for the site is also created as and when required.

This school is renowned throughout the world and has a broad range of international students and stakeholders. Interviews are conducted prior to writing feature articles for the print and online copy of the school’s quarterly publication ‘Connections’. This magazine focuses on various achievements of students and staff and the writing style reflects the school’s unique approach to teaching and learning.

A select creative agency with a broad base of high-end real estate clients. This prominent agency has helped promote and brand various exclusive developments throughout the Netherlands. Complete copy for a range of brochures, videos and slides is provided by YDF (in both Dutch and English) alongside translations and SEO writing.

For this website creation company, entire websites have been written for a range of international businesses. SEO content is created for sites ranging from three to ten pages. Copy is created for a range of businesses, which can be anything from small shops to high-end hotels. The SEO writing is tailored according to each client’s specific requirements.